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Tangerine Screen Shots


Although a screen shot is a far experience from actually using Tangerine, these will give you an idea of what Tangerine is and how it works.

Tangerine is composed of six palettes, each containing several modules; two main dialog boxes; a sprinkling of auxilliary dialogs and a menubar made of six main menus and a dozen submenus; and an exclamation mark!

The sheer number of tools could be daunting, but TG offers a variety of strategies to maximize screen usage and maintain adequate speed even on the lowest iron.


Tangerine's palettes

tools palette and docked palettes
measurements palette

The Tangerine Manager dialog

setup module
preferences module

The info dialog

window info
graphic info
resources info
user properties info

Work space views on 17" 832x624 monitor (scaled 60%)

work space view 1
work space view 2
work space view 3


rareSoftware - Tangerine - Screen shots - Downloads


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