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This is the home of Tangerine, the alternative runtime editor for IncWell's superCard

This quick introduction to Tangerine covers the following topics:

What is Tangerine?
Who needs Tangerine?
What does it look like?
How much does it cost
Where can I get it?

What is Tangerine?

    Tangerine is a runtime editor for SuperCard 3.x and FlameThrower, IncWell's Mac based CGI engine. You can use it instead of the Project Editor, as a complement to SuperEdit, or in your development standalones.

    As an editor it let's you create and edit SuperCard, FlameThrower and Roadster projects and all their objects. Runtime means that it's always on, in the tradition of HyperCard and the late Run Time Editor of SuperCard 1.x and 2.x.

    Tangerine is compatible with a wide range of situations and needs. It stays "out of your face": It can run with or without its own set of menus, it only uses one global variable, and leaves all the backScripts and frontScripts available to your own projects. You do not have to modify your projects in any way to use Tangerine. No user properties or other unwanted changes will be added to your projects.

Who needs Tangerine? (back to top)

    Whether you use SuperCard for multimedia authoring, rapid application development, or just plain fun, you'll find something in Tangerine to make your work faster, easier, and more productive.

    The interface is simple and consistent so that novice users will feel comfortable right away. Experienced users will also find an extensive range of powerful features readily available.

    Although Tangerine is not a replacement for the indispensable SuperEdit, it does attempt to bridge the gap between SuperCard's editing and runtime environments so that you can spend more time in an operative environment with the benefits of instant feedback.

    If you don't use SuperEdit very much, you'll be pleased with the extended functionality Tangerine brings to the runtime experience, which means that you won't have to switch back to superEdit so often.

    If on the other hand you do most of your work in SuperEdit, you'll be surprised by the power and flexibility of Tangerine. It offers many solutions currently lacking in SuperEdit and I'd bet you'll find yourself in runtime mode more than ever before.

What does it look like? (back to top)

    Pretty cool if you ask me;-) But check it out for yourself in the Screen shots page.

How much does it cost? (back to top)

    It free for the first 60 times you use it.

    The evaluation copy that you can download here will run 60 times which should be enough to give you an idea of its worth (and hopefully get you hooked;-) After that trial period, Tangerine won't run without a registration number.

    Registering your copy of Tangerine will keep Tangerine running beyond the first 60 evaluation runs. It also entitles you to support via e-mail, maintenance updates as they become available and substantial discounts on new releases. When you register a "Standard" version, (read the "how to register" file in the "Register Tangerine" folder for more info on the registration process) you'll be sent a unique serial number matched to your name via e-mail or snail mail if you do not have e-mail.

    If you purchase a PRO version, You'll receive an unencrypted copy of Tangerine via e-mail or snail mail if you do not have e-mail after acknowledgement of your payment by Kagi.

    All this processing can take some time, so if you do want to purchase Tangerine, don't wait until your 60 runs are exhausted. Also, note that only Rare Software will provide support for Tangerine. Kagi does not handle product support.

    Pricing for Tangerine is as follows:

    Tangerine Standard version:

1 - 4 single user licenses: $80 USD each
5 - 9 single user licenses: $70 USD each
10 - 19 single user licenses: $60 USD each
20 and over single user licenses: $40 USD each

    Tangerine Pro version (scripts unlocked):

each single user licence: $250 USD

    We also offer educational site licensing of the standard version.

      Tangerine classroom license: $140 USD


    US and International payments for Tangerine are handled by Kagi Software. Kagi does business via email. They also accept postal mail, faxes and phone calls, and process registration payments. Kagi processes software product payments for several hundred authors and their programs. You have to use the Register program that came with Tangerine since most of the payment processing is automated to keep costs low.

    Read the "how to register" file in the "Register Tangerine" folder for further info on the registration process.

    - You can now purchase Tangerine on-line through Kagi's on-line registration system. If your browser doesn't support secure connections, use this address instead.

Where can I get Tangerine? (back to top)

    Right here! Go to the Downloads page to get a copy.


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