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What's new

- MultiMessage Version 2.1 for superCard 4.x is out. MM is a cool & powerful alternative to SuperCard's message box. You can find more info and download it here.

- Tangerine 1.6 was released in September 2000. Since then, superCard has made a successful transition to Mac OSX with its 4.x releases. Tangerine is still stuck in OS9 land and will only work with superCard 3.6. You can find it in the downloads section of the site. This version adds a powerful "live" attribute to the editing environment, very useful for SC-Web developpers. Another major addition is the first version of TG's plug-in architecture. This is a set of commands you add to your own utilities and projects so that they can communicate (receive and broadcast events) with Tangerine & SuperCard. You'll find more info on the new features and bug fixes in the history section.

Note that you need an older release of SuperCard (Version 3.6) to use Tangerine 1.6.

What's this about
Tangerine is a runtime editor for older versions of SuperCard, the powerful Rapid Application Development and multimedia authoring tool for the Mac. If you own superCard you can download various Tangerine versions (1.3 , 1.4 , 1.5.1, and now 1.6) and run them with full functionality for 60 times.

If you like software, xTalk, and interface design check out Tangerine's snapshots.

Some links
For more information about SuperCard, plus access to tons of tools and related links, visit the fourthWorld site. You'll also find fine examples of superCard-built applications at YAV , among a wealth of resources for digital music. Another source of wonderful superCard utilities is at the ToeJam site. Finally, Keith Martin's Vortex site is a great showcase for FlameThrower, Incwell's superCard-based CGI engine.

Great news for users of the Japanese MacOS: Kenji Kojima has released a nifty utility called TgFontToJapanese. This tool hacks Tangerine so that its value fields and pop-up menus will use the Osaka font. it's available at Kenji's web site. Poke around the site and you'll also find "SuperCard Step by Step with Tangerine Volume 1 & Volume 2". If you want to see elegance at work in a functional interface design, check it out... Note that you need the Japanese MacOS to take advantage of this superCard project.

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rareSoftware - Tangerine - Screen shots - Downloads


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